Percy Jackson Stars React to Exciting Season 2 Announcement (2024)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians was officially renewed for a Season 2 on February 7, and the team behind the show shared excited reactions online.

The announcement came on Disney's most recent earnings call, just over a week after the Season 1 finale's Disney+ release.

It was not a huge surprise, though, especially given the fact that writing for Season 2 began even before Disney officially confirmed it was happening.

With Season 1 covering the events of The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, fans assumed that Season 2 would tell the story of The Sea of Monsters — the second of the five Percy Jackson and the Olympians novels.

This was confirmed in the announcement, giving fans much to look forward to as more information continues to release.

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Percy Jackson Cast Reacts to Season 2

Percy Jackson Stars React to Exciting Season 2 Announcement (1)

In addition to the announcement of Percy Jackson and the Olympians Season 2 on Disney's recent earnings call, there was a new post on the series' official Instagram page, confirming the news.

Text on top of a still from the Season 1 finale featuring protagonists Percy, Annabeth, and Grover hugging each other reads, "Back for Season 2." It was cross-posted by Percy, Grover and Annabeth actors Walker Scobell, Aryan Simhadri, and Leah Sava Jeffries.

The post's caption included a message from Percy Jackson novel writer Rick Riordan, who co-wrote and co-produced the Disney+ adaption's first season and seems to be doing the same for Season 2.

Riordan said he "can’t wait" for the new season, which will adapt The Sea of Monsters novel, and offered up several nautical phrases to rev up excitement ahead of "heading for the Sea of Monsters:"

"I can’t wait to bring the next season of 'Percy Jackson' to Disney Plus! Raise anchors. Hoist the mainsail. All hands on deck, demigods. We’re heading for the Sea of Monsters!"

Jeffries took to a live-stream to express her excitement and gratitude for the new season. She thanked the cast, crew, fans, and several full countries and continents for making the new season possible, and said to those who thought Season 1 was "so short" that there is "way more to come:"

"I’m really glad that you guys came on this wild, wild trip with us. I know that you guys were saying that 'Oh, it was so short' and stuff, but Season 2 got picked up, so we've got way more to come ... and I’m just so, so excited. I cannot wait for you guys to see it."

She then told the story of how she found out about the renewal, explaining that she was "literally in class," but picked up the phone anyway, and "went crazy in [her] classroom:"

"I was literally in class, right? And then, you know the Percy group chat that we have ... they called up. And I was like, 'Let me answer,' even though I was, like, in class. ... And I’m like, 'What’s going on?' And then Dior’s like, 'Guess what, Leah?' And I’m like, 'What?' And then she’s like, 'Season 2 got picked up!' and I was just so, so excited. I went crazy in my classroom."

Dior Goodjohn (Clarisse) also re-shared several other stories and posts on her Instagram story, but only after reacting herself with two different story posts. First was a re-post of that same hugging photo, with added text "shut up- BE FR," before a re-post of a news article, with added text "IT'S OFFICIAL." In a later story, she added that she is "SO HYPED."

Also sharing the same hugging post on his Instagram story, Charlie Bushnell (Luke) added text reading "SEASON 2 BABY!!!!!!!" and "who's joining me on the princess andromeda..." (Luke's yacht, which first appears in The Sea of Monsters).

Several other cast members, including Azriel Dalman (Young Percy), Suzanne Cryer (Echidna), and Olivea Morton (Nancy Bobofit), shared Instagram stories with similar sentiments.

Season 2 Reactions from Percy Jackson Crew

On the behind-the-scenes side, co-showrunner Dan Shotz shared a photo on Instagram of him standing triumphantly with the Master Bolt from Season 1, with a caption saying "Season 2 Baby!!! Thank you all."

James Bobin, who directed the first two episodes of Percy Jackson and the Olympians' first season, posted a photo on Instagram of him in front of a camp cabin, with a caption expressing his excitement and congratulating "the PJ family:"

"Heading back here. And then on to the Sea of Monsters. Congratulations to all the PJ family."

Composer Bear McCreary confirmed he would be back for Season 2 and sharing that he "can't wait" on X:

"YES!!!!! I can’t wait to set sail with Sparks & Shadows for more 'Percy Jackson' adventures!"

And, a day after his message in the original announcement, Riordan posted the same hugging photo to his own Instagram page, but with a new caption.

Narrating as a captain on the Princess Andromeda, Riordan directed fans to "look out the forward observation deck" and "see our next destination, the Sea of Monsters:"

"Passengers, this is your captain from the bridge. If you look out the forward observation deck, you will see our next destination, the Sea of Monsters. Thank you for sailing with us on board the Princess Andromeda! 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' season two!"

Season 2 of Percy Jackson and the Olympians does not yet have a release date, but Season 1 is available to stream in its entirety on Disney+.

Percy Jackson Stars React to Exciting Season 2 Announcement (2024)


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