20 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions (Add-Ons) (2024)

Extensions and add-ons can be beneficial as they help to improve your overall browsing experience. There exist different types of extensions, and each of them is designed for a specific purpose.

If you are missing any functionality in your Firefox browser, you can get it through an extension. In this post, we will suggest some of the best extensions that you can use with your Firefox browser.

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List of Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions

1. uBlock Origin

20 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions (Add-Ons) (1)

uBlock Origin is an open-source extension used for filtering content. It is different from other extensions because it is less resource-intensive and consumes less memory while functioning.

With this efficient ad blocker, you can block all sorts of ads. Whether it is a video ad or a banner ad, it can block it all, so you can enjoy your content in peace. Other than ads, it can also block pop-ups to save you from spyware and malware.

uBlock Origin is not just compatible with Firefox, but it can also work with Safari and Chrome browsers.

2. AdBlocker Ultimate

20 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions (Add-Ons) (2)

AdBlocker Ultimate is similar to uBlock Origin. It is designed to remove and block all kinds of ads, so you can focus only on the content you want. It is a free extension that also blocks malicious domains and malware. It can also filter video ads on YouTube.

It focuses on blocking all ads to speed up browsing and reducing CPU usage. However, it does allow you to accept ads from advertisers or websites that you want.

AdBlocker Ultimate can block all ads, including text ads, pop-up ads, banner ads, pop-under ads, overlay ads, video ads, etc. Other than that, it also blocks sneaky tracking and malware. Installation of this extension can improve your browser performance by filtering unwanted content.

3. DuckDuckGo

20 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions (Add-Ons) (3)

If you are worried about being tracked online, DuckDuckGo could help you. This extension is specially designed to keep your online privacy intact. It includes the best privacy features that you will want. It also makes browsing easy and faster in Firefox.

DuckDuckGo can automatically block third-party trackers on sites that you visit often. This helps you stay hidden from the prying eyes of companies. In other words, it stops them from collecting and selling your data.

An inbuilt private search engine allows you to browse the internet without being tracked. It can also force websites to use an encrypted connection where possible. It gives Privacy Grades to websites to help you know how safe a website is. It comes with a built-in Global Privacy Control that will tell sites not to sell your personal information.

4. Honey

20 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions (Add-Ons) (4)

If you are tired of searching for discount codes, then stop! With the Honey extension, you can access the best discount codes while shopping. All you have to do is click the Honey button during the checkout, and it will automatically apply the best discount code to your shopping cart.

This extension can be used in more than 10,000 online stores, including popular ones like Amazon. It will also let you know the best time to shop. So every time your favorite products are on sale, Honey will notify you.

Honey only supports shopping sites in Canada, Australia, US, India, and UK. You can also use it for sites that operate on a global level.

5. Privacy Badger

20 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions (Add-Ons) (5)

Privacy Badger is designed to block invisible trackers automatically. Instead of using a list of blocked websites, it uses algorithms to block and detect trackers. It monitors the third-party domains when you visit a site and blocks them if it detects them on several websites.

With Privacy Badger, you can browse the internet without any worries. It sends the GPC signal to websites you visit, so they don’t share or sell your personal information. It blocks trackers when they ignore your wishes.

Overall, Privacy Badger is an effective tool that protects your online privacy at all costs. Apart from that, it also gives you a faster browsing experience by blocking unwanted ads.

6. Grammarly

If you want to eliminate writing errors and improve your grammar, there’s nothing better than Grammarly. It is a prevalent extension for spelling and grammar checking.

It detects writing errors and provides the perfect words to fix your writing tone and style. It offers a simple editing process, so you can fix your writing within no time. It can also detect typos and grammatical mistakes, so you can revise sentences and make them grammatically correct.

Grammarly extension for Firefox works with various websites, including Google Docs, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. After installing this extension, you will be shown writing suggestions as you type.

7. Dark Reader

20 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions (Add-Ons) (7)

Dark Reader extension is blissful on the eyes. It enables dark mode for every website you visit. Most websites feature bright and light-colored themes, which often strain your eyes. This is especially true when you are browsing for a long time.

With Dark Reader, you no longer have to make your eyes suffer. This eye-care extension creates dark themes for websites instantly. It can invert bright colors by increasing the contrast. In other words, it makes it easy to read at night.

It allows you to adjust the contrast, brightness, night mode, sepia filter, and font settings. Another benefit of using Dark Reader is that it is free of ads and doesn’t share or sell user data.

8. LastPass Password Manager

20 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions (Add-Ons) (8)

Keeping your online information safe has become easier with LastPass Password Manager. It saves all your important details like passwords, credit card numbers, usernames, and addresses in a secure vault to access them on the go.

You can also use this extension to fill in your details whenever you need to automatically. With LastPass, you can save all your important data in one secure place. It allows you to access your data on any device for free.

Whatever information you save can be instantly synced with other devices. It can also generate passwords, so you can set strong passwords for your accounts. Last but not least, it alerts you if your personal information is at risk.

9. AdGuard

20 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions (Add-Ons) (9)

If you are looking for a powerful ad blocker to block all types of ads, AdGuard is for you. You can use it to block ads on all web pages, including YouTube, Facebook, and others.

Whether it is video ads or pop-ups, AdGuard can block all types of ads, so you can enjoy the content you want. With the help of this ad blocker extension, you can increase your page loading speeds and save bandwidth.

It is also effective in blocking many adware, spyware, dialer installers, and malware. It protects your online privacy by blocking third-party trackers. By installing this extension, you can keep yourself safe from phishing.

10. Enhancer for YouTube

20 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions (Add-Ons) (10)

To get the most out of your YouTube sessions, you should use Enhancer. It is loaded with various features that will help you manage ads, control volume level, and more.

It is a safe-to-use extension recommended by Mozilla. After installing it in your browser, you can control your YouTube channel like a pro. It has features that allow you to control the playback speed, automate repetitive tasks, configure keyboard shortcuts, etc.

11. Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express

20 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions (Add-Ons) (11)

You will come across many YouTube downloaders online. But to download YouTube videos in full-HD quality, you should use Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express.

It is a no.1 rated YouTube video downloader out there. You can use this extension to download HD quality videos and 256Kbps MP3 files.

It enables you to download unlimited YouTube videos with just one click. It is fast and easy to use and works perfectly with the latest YouTube design.

12. Bitwarden

20 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions (Add-Ons) (12)

Keeping your passwords safe is important. With Bitwarden, you can easily store, manage, and share unlimited passwords across various devices.

It is a top-rated password manager among users. It allows you to store and secure your passwords to access them whenever you want. Not just that, but it can also generate unique and strong passwords for every website.

Even though it is a free extension, it provides top-class protection for your passwords. It offers end-to-end encryption to secure your passwords and data. It also allows you to access the store data in Bitwarden Vault from any device, browser, or operating system.

13. Decentraleyes

20 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions (Add-Ons) (13)

Decentraleyes is an open-source Firefox extension designed to improve your privacy while surfing the internet. It is done by storing common CDN resources locally. When a website tries to access them, Decentraleyes block the request, so you use the resource stored locally.

This extension aims to eliminate the middleman by providing super-fast delivery of local files. This, in turn, helps to improve your online privacy. This is done by evading large delivery networks that claim to provide free services.

The good thing about this extension is that it doesn’t require any configuration. It is designed to be user-friendly and can be easily added to your Firefox browser.

14. SponsorBlock

20 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions (Add-Ons) (14)

The best way to skip YouTube video sponsors is to use SponsorBlock. Whenever you play a YouTube video, the extension will check the database and automatically skip known sponsors. Other than that, it also skips outros, intros, and other annoying parts from YouTube videos.

Just so you know, SponsorBlock crowd-sourced extension. It allows anyone to submit the start and end times of sponsored segments of YouTube videos. So if one person submits the information, everyone else using this extension will skip the sponsored segment.

With SponsorBlock, you can also skip non-music and other unimportant parts of YouTube music videos.

15. Download All Images

20 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions (Add-Ons) (15)

From the name itself, you get the idea of what this extension does. Download All Images helps you to download pictures from any website you visit. It is a customizable extension and very easy to use.

When you visit a website, it detects all the images, including the nested ones in iFrames. It gives you options to filter images by URL, dimension, size, and type.

With the help of this extension, you can easily find images in background scripts, links, and CSS files. It also gives you a preview of the images before downloading them.

16. Read Aloud

20 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions (Add-Ons) (16)

If you are tired of reading, this extension is for you. Read Aloud is designed to read texts on a webpage. It is a text-to-speech extension that helps you to convert webpage text to audio.

It takes just a click of a button to read an article aloud to you. It allows you to choose from many female and male voices. That’s not all; you can also adjust the reading speed and pitch of the voice according to your comfort.

Read Aloud works on various sites, including blogs, news sites, textbooks, course materials, publications, school and class websites, and more.

17. LeechBlock NG

20 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions (Add-Ons) (17)

LeechBlock NG is a free productivity tool designed to block annoying websites. You have to mention the sites and let the extension do the rest. You can also specify when to block those sites.

It allows you to specify up to 30 sets of websites to block. You can set the days and times for each set. It gives you several options like blocking websites within fixed periods and after a time limit. If needed, you can also block sites immediately for a specified duration.

Using this extension, you can set a password for the options page. You can also delay access to websites instead of blocking them. It has the whitelist option where you can specify sites that you don’t want to block.

18. Image Search Options

20 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions (Add-Ons) (18)

Image Search Options is a customizable reverse image search extension that can come in handy in various situations. It adds a set of context menu options to the right-click menu of images.

It allows for efficient and fast use of TinEye, IQDB, SauceNAO, Google, and other reverse image search engines. Unlike many other reverse image search extensions, this one is free.

With this extension, you can easily include your websites and customize the existing ones. Apart from that, you can also reorder the search engines and customize the tab behavior.

19. Undo Close Tab

20 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions (Add-Ons) (19)

Don’t you hate it when you accidentally close a web page or tab? You no longer have to deal with that feeling because now you can restore the most recently closed tab with Undo Close Tab. It takes just a single button click to restore the tab you accidentally closed.

In the context menu, you can access the whole list of recently closed tabs. To be precise, you can restore up to 25 tabs. All you have to do is right-click on the toolbar button.

20. Dictionary Anywhere

20 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions (Add-Ons) (20)

With Dictionary Anywhere, you can check definitions of difficult words as you browse. All you have to do is double-click on any word, and you will be shown the definition in a tiny pop-up bubble.

The best thing about this extension is that it supports multiple languages, including Spanish, French, German, and English. It helps you focus on reading by fetching the meaning of the words you are unfamiliar with.

It also allows you to download the meanings and words you searched for. You can keep them saved to learn them later and improve your vocabulary.

By installing these extensions, you can improve the functionality of your Firefox browser and improve your browsing experience. The good thing is that most of these extensions are free to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Browser Extension?

A browser extension can be described as a software module used to customize a web browser. Browsers like Firefox and Chrome allow a lot of extensions.

Why Should You Use Browser Extensions?

People use browser extensions to add more features and functions to their web browsers. If you are missing functionality, you can get it through an extension.

Are Extensions Detectable?

Yes, browser extensions can be detected as long as you know your extension ID.

What is Privacy Badger?

Privacy Badger is a browser extension that blocks ads and third-party trackers from tracking user data.

What are Firefox Extensions?

Firefox extensions are small programs added to the browser to expand its functionality.

Are Firefox Extensions Safe to Use?

Most Firefox extensions are safe to install and use. But you should still take precautions while using them.

How to Install Firefox Extensions?

To install Firefox extensions, you must access the official Firefox extension library.

Where are Firefox Extensions Stored?

Firefox extensions are stored differently in different operating systems. For example, in Windows, the extensions are stored in the app data folder. But on a Mac device, it is stored in a user’s library folder.

What is the Best Password Manager Extension for Firefox?

LastPass is probably the best password manager add-on you can install in your Firefox browser. It keeps all your passwords safe and accessible.

Is uBlock Origin an adblocker?

Yes, uBlock Origin works as an ad blocker that can block all types of ads.

20 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions (Add-Ons) (2024)


20 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions (Add-Ons)? ›

A plugin is an item that Appears in the Plugins list when you go to Tools -> Add-ons. Adobe Flash and Acrobat Reader are Plugins. These are things that are generally installed by a 3rd party installation outside of Firefox. An Add-on is anything really (Extensions, Plugins, Themes, etc).

How do I get a list of Firefox extensions? ›

Viewing and managing your installed add-ons
  1. Click the menu button. and choose Add-ons and themes. The Add-ons Manager tab will open.
  2. Select the panel for the type of add-on you wish to view or manage, such as the Extensions or Themes panel.

What is the difference between Firefox plugins and Add-ons? ›

A plugin is an item that Appears in the Plugins list when you go to Tools -> Add-ons. Adobe Flash and Acrobat Reader are Plugins. These are things that are generally installed by a 3rd party installation outside of Firefox. An Add-on is anything really (Extensions, Plugins, Themes, etc).

What is the official website for Firefox addons? ›

You'll find these and thousands of other free extensions at addons.mozilla.org.

Are Firefox recommended addons safe? ›

Due to the curated nature of Recommended extensions, each extension undergoes a thorough technical security review to ensure it adheres to Mozilla's add-on policies. To be clear, just because an extension is not Recommended, that doesn't mean it's unsafe.

Is Firefox more intensive than Chrome? ›

RAM usage can vary based on many factors, which is probably why the debate over Chrome vs. Firefox memory usage continues. Generally, Chrome has a reputation for being resource intensive due to features like preloading and prediction.

How many Firefox extensions are there? ›

As of January, 2024, there are more than 36,000 add-ons and over 495,000 themes available for Firefox.

How do I add custom extensions to Firefox? ›

Installing. In Firefox: Open the about:debugging page, click the This Firefox option, click the Load Temporary Add-on button, then select any file in your extension's directory. The extension now installs, and remains installed until you restart Firefox.

How do I get all my bookmarks from Firefox? ›

I can't find all of my bookmarks and folders

You can view all of your bookmarks and folders when you click the Bookmarks menu item in the Firefox Menu bar, if you enable the Menu bar. You can also add a Bookmarks menu button to your Firefox toolbar, a button that with a click, shows all of your bookmarks and folders.

Do Chrome addons work on Firefox? ›

Firefox supports both the chrome and browser namespaces

This means that many Chrome extensions work in Firefox without changes. Note: The browser namespace is supported by Firefox and Safari.

What is FoxyProxy Firefox add-ons? ›

WHAT IS IT? FoxyProxy is a Chrome and Firefox extension which switches an internet connection across one or more proxy servers: 1. by point-and-click of colored icons 2. by URL (define URL patterns with wildcards or regular expressions) 3.

How to run Firefox without addons? ›

Click ☰. Click Help. Click Restart with Add-ons Disabled. Click Restart, then click Start in Safe Mode.

Does Firefox have Adblock? ›

Does Firefox have an ad blocker? Yes, Firefox has built in ad blocking capabilities. However, as their own team puts it, most users choose to use ad blocker extensions such as Ghostery for better results.

Is Firefox better than Chrome? ›

Chrome and Firefox are two of the most popular web browsers, and for good reason. Firefox offers better performance due to its automatic blocking of third-party cookies and social trackers. It also runs lighter on your system resources, which can help speed up loading times.

How do I update Firefox Add-ons? ›

Update settings for specific add-ons

Go to the Extensions panel. Click More to see the details page of a specific extensionClick on the extension and select the Details tab. Find the Automatic Updates line. (You may need to scroll down the page).

What is the best adblocker for Firefox? ›

Top 5 best ad blockers for Firefox in 2024
  • Total AdBlock – overall best ad blocker for Firefox in 2024.
  • NordVPN Threat Protection – effective and reliable ad blocker for Firefox.
  • Surfshark CleanWeb – well-performing Firefox extension.
  • Atlas VPN Shield – budget-friendly Firefox ad blocker.
Feb 6, 2024

Do all Chrome extensions work on Firefox? ›

Firefox supports both the chrome and browser namespaces

This means that many Chrome extensions work in Firefox without changes. Note: The browser namespace is supported by Firefox and Safari.

How do I maximize Firefox browser? ›

Note: You can also use the keyboard shortcut command + Shift + FF11 to switch between Full Screen and normal mode. On computers with a compact keyboard (such as netbooks and laptops) you may need to press fn + F11.


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