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I want to be honest, I’ve done this post today more for me than you. It’s the new year, so it is time to get serious about dropping a few pounds. Like most people, I think I say that every year after the holidays. After plowing through Chocolate Pretzel Crisps, Pumpkin Cake, and endless cookies, it’s time to buckle down and just stop. Eating so much junk, that is.

Since I was about 16, I’ve tried every diet in the book over the years. Cabbage soup diet, Adkins, the Military Diet (that one was short-lived!), Special K diet, Slimfast, Weight Watchers and just plain starving myself (another short-lived attempt!) were among the few to try to lose that 10-15 lbs that is always hanging around. The only thing that has ever shown me true results has been Weight Watchers because it allows me to eat like a real person. I’m not big on cutting out an entire food group because basically I like food too much. Plus, if you tell me that I can’t have sweets or dessert anymore – I might just die. Just kidding. Kind of.

I’m going to get back on the Weight Watchers wagon this month. I’m not ready to jump into it with both feet yet and attend all the meetings but I’m going to start planning our dinners with Weight Watchers in mind.

So, this post is basically to round-up some great ideas to get me started. I’m the WORST with dinner planning. I can only ever think of 3-4 of the same things to make every night. I have no creativity when it comes to dinner planning whatsoever and this year I plan to change that.

I’m going to plan ahead and have an arsenal of great Weight Watcher (WW) friendly recipes ready to go. Whether you are following the Weight Watchers plan exactly, toying with the idea or just want some healthy options for the family, there are 15 great recipes below to choose from.

Baked Turkey and Jack Cheese Chimichangas

Yep, you can still have chimichangas with Weight Watchers – you just have to bake it instead. This meal has 9 points with the new WW program.

DIY Light Frappuccino Recipe

I’m not embarrassed to say that I’m obsessed with Starbucks Frappuccinos. Sure, I can order them “light” at Starbucks but I just found this way to make my own at home for only 2 WW points and save the $4.

Banana Bites

Sure, I’d like to dip these bad boys in chocolate but they are also tasty as they are with only 3 WW points for 4 bites. Plus, they make a delicious post-workout snack.

Weight Watchers Chicken Pot Pie

I love comfort food, especially pot pie. Here is a great way to make it and still stay on track. This dish is 4-6 WW points on the OLD plan. Not sure with the new plan.

Weight Watchers Pizzadilla

These pizzadillas are so easy to make and I love that the kids won’t even know they are technically “mom’s diet food”.

Crockpot Potato Soup for Weight Watchers

Crockpot Potato Cheese Soup is a staple in our dinner planning but I have to admit that my version isn’t so healthy. I’m so excited to find this healthier version that will definitely make my dinner list this week!

Meat Lover’s Pizza

Yes, you can have pizza AND it is loaded with meat. This one (originally from Oprah but Emily’s Bites makes it look delicious!) will make you think you are cheating but you be staying on track!

Lasagna Rolls with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Pasta is one of my favorite foods. Not the best thing to load up on when you are “dieting” but these Lasagna Rolls from Cooking Light are amazing and only 8 points (on the old points plan)

Weight Watchers Sauteed Shrimp

I LOVE shrimp. My family? Not so much. This recipe will be just for me and it’s a great way to have one of my favorite foods without soaking it in butter.

Spaghetti Pie

This is a twist on the traditional spaghetti that I can get behind. Stuffed with meat, cheese and pasta and it is still WW-friendly.

Buffalo Chicken Lasagna

When I lost the baby weight with Weight Watchers after the birth of my second child, this was one of my go-to recipes. My husband loved it and he said it didn’t even taste like “dieting”.

Weight Watchers Double Chocolate Pudding

Like I said, I have a major sweet tooth so being able to still have dessert is huge with any weight-loss attempt I make. this Double Chocolate Pudding is only 3 WW points and will do just the trick.

Classic Chili (Slow Cooker)

When you are dealing with 13 degree weather in Chicago, you need something warm and hearty. Enter the Classic Chili from Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers Chicken Salad with Walnuts and Grapes

Not your ordinary chicken salad. This Weight Watcher’s recipe has crunchy nuts and sweet grapes, plus three types of fresh vegetables.

Weight Watcher Friendly Meatloaf Sandwich

Meatloaf is good on its own but make it into a sandwich and you have something special. This Weight Watcher Friendly meatloaf recipe that is made into a healthy sandwich is A+ in my book.

15 Weight Watcher Recipes for a New Year - Skinny Not Skinny (2024)


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